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About Us

Empowering Action, Driving Impact

Earth Carbon Foundation is a registered non-profit dedicated to combating climate change through practical solutions. we empower individuals and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint, contribute to a sustainable future and invest in positive change.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Measurable Impacts:  We've reduced 24,000 tons of carbon through 39 contracts, saving organizations millions in input costs.
  • Innovation:  Reinvesting profits to develop cutting-edge tools and resources for comprehensive emission reduction.
  • Global Reach:  Working with partners locally and internationally, contributing to national and sub-national sustainability programs.

Our Journey

Founded in 2019, we've grown through strategic partnerships, impactful initiatives and unwavering commitment. Led by NAMA expert Amitsinh Vaghela-Vakiil, we champion carbon awareness and action.

The  time-line visualises our journey, highlighting key milestones, future targets that demonstrate our commitment and impact.


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