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Carbon Footprint Reporting


Carbon Footprint Reporting

Carbon foot-printing of activity is based on Green House Gas Protocol .

We Provide Location wise, Period Wise Scope 1,2,3 emissions of organisations.  

Scope 1: Consumed volumes of fuels and refrigerants are multiplied by applicable emission factors to derive emissions. For parts of the service vehicle fleet, distances and related fuel consumption are estimated based on contracted distances in leasing contracts.

Scope 2:

Energy (electricity, heating and cooling) at facilities is multiplied by country average emission factors for location-based emissions.

Scope 3:

All Scope 3 categories are calculated with emission factors from relevant databases for natural values (DEFRA, IPCC, etc) and monetary equivalent calculations.

The report is prepared by Fewton. Fewton's mission is to streamline clients' carbon reporting by introducing most intuitive solutions for the purpose backed up with approved methodology, relevant data sources and industry knowledge & experience of our experts.